Wednesday, July 23, 2008

after a 24 days training

mayb this time i was chooses a wrong restaurant to having my industrail training...mayb is the problem of the staff!!just make me feel i cant really movie my happeness into this restaurant!!just feel it meaningless...everyday just have to done the same thingS!!!most just the 2 job for us to do clearing , food runner and DRINK RUNNER...runner just feel like a good things!!lol!dam bored, just facing the same things everyday, just working mat like a dog and there are SOME lazy guy and to ask people do this do that..OO!!dun let me a chance to be your head next coming year!!dam it!

today i really went to luna bar!!it was fantastic places..the night view is really dam chun, mayb got time i will when there often..if some1 interest to when there can call me to join along

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LoveuSoMuch said...

haha..tat was my feeling when i was training in gurney hotel