Friday, July 4, 2008

memories days

just back from stem boat, and just finish celebrating birthday!!it was a memories birthday!!just today is my off days,today really just like going to travel.
is start from 12.30 when to sunway and have a deliciouses lunch at italiannies, it is a good place to when too!after the lunch, i go to meet up a fren in kl and when to station 1 to have a drink..but i feel very boring because after the drink is just 5.40 then i plan to having a movie first at sunway!! is a long long journey to there.the movie that we watch HANCOCK it is not bad!but it is too fact..haha..anyway is nice to watch!
then nitez time is my memories birthday..and we when to serdang to meet up all the fren and having my dinner at 10!!!!it is too late for us..we already very hungry!!but lastly the environment is quite good and we enjoy our dinner!i didn't recognize that they will having a cake once my fren bring out a cake i also get shock!!but the funny point is my fren take out the wrong cake!!haha...she get the next table cake !! is funny!finally i feel it is quite special..

really thkz for your celebrate ,frenz!!
hope we can make it forever!!
i have to thks all the person who wish me, and called me
i feel bit touch

from your msg!!all that u all remember it!!
THK for giving me a HAPPY DAY!!!

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LoveUsoMuch said...

u same birthday wif ivan meh?