Saturday, June 21, 2008

finish exam@!!

Now already 4.30!!Just came back from red was very tired right now!my gosh!!if my friend didnt paksa me go sing k.i will not going!!it is quite mad..

THE LAST DAY of the exam!!it was bit excited,it because just have 1 subject to exam..after that we were planing to go usual they will ask where we should go,then i just decide to go sunway!haha...really go there daily!!but is hard to think what we can eat,it was 16 PERSON go to have lunch together!it was my first time that much people having lunch together,the type of feeling is bit difference de!! last we decide to having over lunch at kim gary!After the we separate in to 2 group,1 group are going to watch movie another group is going to sing k!then we go to red box and ask,now is conceder as lunch!since we having lunch just now and some of them are rush to going back before 2 ,the plan just oni can be cancel!then to continue the jounery,just straight away when to the cinema and check the time,we just pecked GET SMART!

GET SMART this movie is really a movie that bring entainment!it was very stupid, it is funny...i just can't imagine i just laugh almost from the begin to the end part!haha...

how to clear the problem that i solve??to let people know something is really hard,but if put it in heart will feel like not well!!haha...what to do

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