Wednesday, June 18, 2008

is exam finish??

omg!!is exam finish already?since term 4 started i really don't feel that,am i studying?everydays i just will thinking to go out,play,eat...really no mood in study for the exam!since today the commis is cancel,it will be bored for the day, just wanted to find someone to have lunch,then i think that yesterday Ivan said that he was free the whole day,then i went to find him for lunch!!haha...after lunch we decide to relax..then i suggest to go his house and fight for few matches...haha!just like finish the exam!

Y that money is really that important??if no money is really hard to survive in K.L..there are many think that make u wanted to buy it!the most hardest things is to choose a things!maybe it is the people physical problem...

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LoveUSoMuch said...

hehe..i hv a blog oso ^^