Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what a day?

what the hell!! this type of feeling really just like a BOOM!!It will suddenly boom,i really feel that weired to them..always have this problem happening,and i will be the victim of them and must stand out talk about it!hope so they will stop on it....really dun like that stupid feeling!!

lucky that today just having a single exam..after exam i have planed to went some where!early then that i just tot just me and p are going and never think that many of them are interest to going TO CURE STRESS with us..ha ha!!once we are going reach we are planing what should we do!first i thinking to have a drink at the ole ole bali at sunway!but since they interested to go singing k..then just go for it!but the whole day that i feel i am very stress of the problem,it was stress and stress,then i rather be quiet sit beside in the conner!

but after the singing!they are planing to have dinner over there..since they dun1 to eat fast food then i have decide to have Japanese food at zamai! all the way just only 1 word can describe me" STRESS".


Anonymous said...

hmm.. next time diam diam go bahh XD

seencheow said...

dun1 le!!haha...scare on it already le!