Thursday, January 8, 2009


sorry for disappear for long time,
because of lazying and finally got time to update!!...
the last time i was blog, it was last year!!
i already forgot of FREE TIME!!

since last year!!!omg...that hear like pass long time ago..
hope be happy in the new year
a new year feel myself are getting older
omg!!i don't think that i had done anything that very successful..
hope to have more time spend at home!
hope all my frens have a happy year in this coming months!!
have a peaceful life...
all the things that already passed,
hope it wont keep it in mind!

i still bother about your feeling!!
and u can express it out to me
be happy everyone!!
i wan all of my friends are happy and face your life!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pls take it easy!!

the stupid food promotion will be coming soon!
food promotion?really feat up to work out with the ways, it was speechless.
it can't find any special on it, maybe have to working out more on it,
with the better way.hope so they will know where is getting wrong and
try to be strict to every1.i feel that the food promotion were work by 2 person
, this is not because no1 wanted to help, is BECAUSE!!!
some of the work we can bring out together and set it!!NOT ALL!!
something have to decide by the leader!!somethings was going on
with the organisation team. now i just feel that i am the useless!!
just let me thinks that i am
a person who cant do anythings...
just nothing i can speech out then just act as deff!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

busy night..

Wow.. this week is a busy week, because have to rush out the report for the summit, the due date is on next monday..

it is quite happy too...cos i get my things that i really wait long time!!mayb that is not a right model that i get, but i also feel that was really i am enjoying having lunch at kenny roger!!this restaurant i never been there about 1 year, i feel that the quality are getting bad and bad..the service over there are very bad! it was lucky that, we didnt get corupted by them, and still can make it happy..

after the lunch, we decide to go it world and have a look and they want to upgrade the pc..
since it was still very early then we had decide to have a movie before we dinne in for the dinner, the movie that we watch "Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane"..the starting of this movie, i really feel that really boring but come to the middle part, it was quite 'ungly'. hahaha...
this coming day, there have many movie coming in...i hope to watch the house bunny right now, feel that will be funny.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

wat the difference

Today is the 5 days, since finish training. The term 5 nightmare is just start from the first class.
the first mission is FOOD PROMOTION!!!!It not a easy mission...

it is a boring day for me!!today the class ended at 12...since so many term, this the first term that our group get the class ended early..!
after the class i just plan to go piramid have lunch with all the group frens..i think before to call some of fren out for a drink, but end up back home have rest!

i am just came back from green box...just now supose to drink tea with fren, but my fren ask to go sing, because of her cousin birthday, just ask us to join up!!it is quite boring singing k!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

make the life easy!

dam tired for this feel days,bcos of breakfast shift!
but i also feel very lucky, last week that Michelle yeoh having her birthday dinner
over my training restaurant..the party is quite huge,her family and her bf is over there
and support!haha..starting i wasn't believe they will having party over here,and it was so
surprise that aron kwok also be there!!it was unbelievable...
now the training is feel difference it was happier then starting of the training
it just left 2 week training time!!now is the time to plan some place to relax
if got any suggestion can just suggest it!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

after a 24 days training

mayb this time i was chooses a wrong restaurant to having my industrail training...mayb is the problem of the staff!!just make me feel i cant really movie my happeness into this restaurant!!just feel it meaningless...everyday just have to done the same thingS!!!most just the 2 job for us to do clearing , food runner and DRINK RUNNER...runner just feel like a good things!!lol!dam bored, just facing the same things everyday, just working mat like a dog and there are SOME lazy guy and to ask people do this do that..OO!!dun let me a chance to be your head next coming year!!dam it!

today i really went to luna bar!!it was fantastic places..the night view is really dam chun, mayb got time i will when there often..if some1 interest to when there can call me to join along

Friday, July 4, 2008

memories days

just back from stem boat, and just finish celebrating birthday!!it was a memories birthday!!just today is my off days,today really just like going to travel.
is start from 12.30 when to sunway and have a deliciouses lunch at italiannies, it is a good place to when too!after the lunch, i go to meet up a fren in kl and when to station 1 to have a drink..but i feel very boring because after the drink is just 5.40 then i plan to having a movie first at sunway!! is a long long journey to there.the movie that we watch HANCOCK it is not bad!but it is too fact..haha..anyway is nice to watch!
then nitez time is my memories birthday..and we when to serdang to meet up all the fren and having my dinner at 10!!!!it is too late for us..we already very hungry!!but lastly the environment is quite good and we enjoy our dinner!i didn't recognize that they will having a cake once my fren bring out a cake i also get shock!!but the funny point is my fren take out the wrong cake!!haha...she get the next table cake !! is funny!finally i feel it is quite special..

really thkz for your celebrate ,frenz!!
hope we can make it forever!!
i have to thks all the person who wish me, and called me
i feel bit touch

from your msg!!all that u all remember it!!
THK for giving me a HAPPY DAY!!!