Wednesday, October 15, 2008

busy night..

Wow.. this week is a busy week, because have to rush out the report for the summit, the due date is on next monday..

it is quite happy too...cos i get my things that i really wait long time!!mayb that is not a right model that i get, but i also feel that was really i am enjoying having lunch at kenny roger!!this restaurant i never been there about 1 year, i feel that the quality are getting bad and bad..the service over there are very bad! it was lucky that, we didnt get corupted by them, and still can make it happy..

after the lunch, we decide to go it world and have a look and they want to upgrade the pc..
since it was still very early then we had decide to have a movie before we dinne in for the dinner, the movie that we watch "Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane"..the starting of this movie, i really feel that really boring but come to the middle part, it was quite 'ungly'. hahaha...
this coming day, there have many movie coming in...i hope to watch the house bunny right now, feel that will be funny.

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