Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pls take it easy!!

the stupid food promotion will be coming soon!
food promotion?really feat up to work out with the ways, it was speechless.
it can't find any special on it, maybe have to working out more on it,
with the better way.hope so they will know where is getting wrong and
try to be strict to every1.i feel that the food promotion were work by 2 person
, this is not because no1 wanted to help, is BECAUSE!!!
some of the work we can bring out together and set it!!NOT ALL!!
something have to decide by the leader!!somethings was going on
with the organisation team. now i just feel that i am the useless!!
just let me thinks that i am
a person who cant do anythings...
just nothing i can speech out then just act as deff!

1 comment:

LoveUSoMuch said...

haiz...the learder is chose by everyone...wat they wan to do juz let them ba...we as a team member juz gv them support enuff..different ppl different way to do...cant blame oso